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It was about three years ago that you reached out to me in the jazz festival in Eilat, and since then you are a huge part of my life. It was about three years ago (a bit before I met you) that I started to heal my body… It is not that before I wasn’t paying attention to healing…it was just that I didn’t consider my illness. I remember it clearly, I was so sick that I was struggling to move. I felt that if I would keep on going in the same path I would struggle a lot and the rest of my life will be very difficult. The pains I was carrying has developed through the years into a living form that was managing me from my inside. The change that I was longing for, was living with me since I remember, as well as my desire to meet you. I could literally see in my eyes this person I want to become, I could feel the qualities of your energy. I knew, that the Version of myself I’m longing for is a kind that I can live in peace with, but I didn’t knew how to reach her. In the moment I chose to change the self, in the moment I started to consider my illness, my life took a different path and you came to support me. I had no clue what I was doing, back then, my profound will to become my best self was leading me from inside and you were leading me from outside. You supported me while I was in my hardest places, and I could stay in them more calmly because of your love. You were a big part of my healing. And today you are a part of who I am. For the new Jewish year, for our three years anniversary and for everything that you are, I am feeling grateful. I wish us all to have a year where we will be free to be who we are, a year where all our deepest longing will come to the Surface and become our realities. A year of passionate creation that will come from our base, form our core. That we will be experiencing our deepest creations, that we will be always our best selves. The one that is here,the one that is now. Happy new year ✨

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