Nice To Meet You

 I am ROTEM an artist.

I believe that whatever I express is a part of my creation. My passion for materials is what drove me to become an interior designer and through it I learned how much space design can influence our daily lifes. 

I love my work because every project feels to me as a new adventure, where I am entering it with open mind and I learn to meet new needs and perspectives.

I always fascinated about the internal world that is underneath, because I believe that if we manage everything.

Being a designer is a natural state for me, because I am looking for improving myself as well as my surrounding. Gently and profoundly, I am seeking for the most efficient way to achieve my goals and by embracing every little detail I am Read more hidden text
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I believe in reusing of existing spaces and materials , in contrary to building new ones.

In my eyes, a well-designed space is a space where the observer does not pay attention to its details but can feel its flow and experience it as a whole.

My main aim is to work with people, their desires and dreams, giving them the opportunity to make their environment more aesthetic and efficient. My design process is a combination of my vision and the client needs. Therefore, I takes into high consideration the habits and needs of the client and implements them in the design.

Rotem lotter is a young and innovative Interior Architect. She earned her Bachelor in Interior –Building & Environment Design from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan, Israel. During her studies she did an internship at Michael Eitan architecture and Systems Coordinate, where she gained her knowledge in building systems structure.

After graduation she worked at Lea Katz Reality Group, Architects, an innovative architectural firm that specializes in sustainability and parametric design. During this period Rotem honed her professional knowledge in sustainability and its influence on planning and design.

In 2011 she established her company.

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